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Welcome to Krysalis Coaching, the home of Mastering Mindsets.

Why do Mindsets matter and why should we manage them?

All the coaching and development solutions provided by Krysalis Coaching Ltd are built on the premise that your mindset matters. All our thoughts, reactions, behaviours and future actions start with and depend on the mindset we have, or choose to have at any given time

We have created innovative assessment, coaching and leadership development for the modern business. Mastering Mindsets offers coaching, leadership development, downloadable resources and exclusive membership gives access to our mastery knowledge hubs. Explore all our specialist services in one place.

Why you should invest in your Mindset

  • Improve interactions and communication,
  • Reduce conflicts,
  • Increase your confidence,
  • Be more impactful,
  • compelling, effective and productive,
  • Ultimately increase wellbeing and work/life balance.

Krysalis Coaching is dedicated to partnering with people and organisations to achieve their desired transformative change. With improved personal and business performance, increased resilience, engagement and empowerment as an individual, a team or an organisation, our services are tailored to deliver success. Everything we do is about you.

Through the provision of coaching, leadership development and Psychometric assessments we help organisations develop their key talent and leaders through managing and mastering these mindsets. First by creating awareness and then, together, creating the appropriate tools and techniques to manage them. The aim is to build the client’s ‘personal resources toolkit’ by using tools and techniques that are simple, yet highly impactful and effective so that they bring about profound, sustainable change. These can then become the client’s own repertoire to use daily and manage and master their own mindsets, their feelings, their thoughts, their communication, their behaviours and actions to their optimal ability.


We identify your key strengths and enable you to design development paths through the various assessment and insight tools we provide. Our journey together starts here.


Here at Mastering Mindsets, we provide several different levels of tailored coaching packages, each one of which is designed to match your present, as well as your future needs.

Leadership Development

We create bespoke workshop solutions on topics and areas that are designed to fill specific leadership and management gaps in organisations.

Read more about Leadership Development on Mastering Mindsets

To learn more about our services, the variety of programmes we offer and how working with Mastering Mindsets and Krysalis Coaching Limited can help you get the results you want, contact us.

“If we want our leaders to be as good as they can be, then coaching is a powerful tool to use. Coaching is about partnering with you so you can first and foremost Master your mindset. This coaching gives you increased self-awareness and external perspective, challenges your current thinking and behaviours and ensures you explore a range of solutions and ideas outside of your norm. This is all so that it results in you having more choices and plans that are as good as they can be, with a Mindset that matches, to make YOU as good as you can be. You deserve to fulfil your true potential.” 

Ella Jaczynska PCC

Executive Coach, Change Facilitator and Mindset Master


Discover more about Ella and the Mastering Mindsets Team
Ella Jaczynska
“Ella is not just a strong coach and is highly effective in using the coaching techniques, but also her value sits in her ability to understand the context, the background and the stakes involved, which makes her coaching even more impactful. In addition Ella is a very pleasant person to work with and her style is creating a trustful relationship which has been key on my successful development step; I would highly recommend Ella to anyone looking for unlocking their potential, overcoming challenges or developing their self-awareness as part of their development and career journey.”
J. Thibaut
GlaxoSmithKline, Pakistan

Mastery Knowledge Hub Resources

Gain exclusive access to our indispensable resource when you subscribe to one of our coaching packages or bespoke Leadership Development. Supporting you on your development journey wherever it takes you and whenever you need it.

Supporting You - Free Resources

We are here to support you on your development journey and we have a vast wealth of knowledge to share with you. As an introduction to our Mastery Knowledge Hub here are some free resources for you to explore and discover how much we can achieve together