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I work with individuals, teams and organisations to enable them to emerge in to their full potential, and create a sustainable and maintainable change. I do this through Coaching and Leadership Development Facilitation. With this change comes improved personal and business performance, increased resilience, engagement and empowerment.


The majority of my work is:

  • Supporting Leaders manage change;
  • Enabling Leaders to increase their personal impact and influence;
  • Unlocking Key Talent’s full potential;
  • Supporting the defining, evolution and progression of a leadership team in to a High Performing Team.
  • Supporting individuals on-boarding or transitioning in to new roles;
  • Creating clarity in an individual’s next steps in their career.


If you are interested in learning more, contact me.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful way of increasing peoples’ performance, awareness, fulfilment and satisfaction with work and life in general.  Coaching helps people to think for themselves, it helps develop their capability and confidence in their own abilities and strengths. It is a powerfully positive way of operating. Coaching brings about sustainable change in peoples’ behaviour and ways of working as it is the individual who decides what, and how they want to change. At its heart Coaching is a belief that the person facing the challenge has all that is needed to find their solution. The role of the Coach is to help their coachees find this solution and to support them in making any changes in behaviour and working practices that are needed.  It is a very real and practical way to increase empowerment of that individual and of teams.


Why might you need a coach?

Do you want to feel less stuck, more fulfilled, more motivated and sure of your direction in life? Do you want to manage change better, make a definitive decision on a topic or be the best you can be?


We can work together through coaching for you to find the way forward and realise your goals and potential.


Organisations may want to develop individuals and their leaders with tailored coaching sessions. I can provide this 1 to 1 coaching to either help an individual adjusting to a new role, help a leader explore things with a new perspective, help an individual remove barriers and hurdles to help an individual make better choices and take effective action; with the aim being to aid individuals to fulfil their potential.


About Leadership Development

Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals and teams to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company’s strategies, build alignment, build empowerment and influence individuals in an organisation. Leadership development is thought to be key to business performance and success.

Leadership can be developed through capability building workshops, facilitation of skills building and experiential activities that enable awareness building and behaviour change.

If we want our leaders to be as good as they can be, then we have to use Coaching. Coaching is about giving you an external perspective, challenging you, making sure you are thinking differently and that your developments plan and actions are good as they can be, to make YOU as good as you can be.

Ella Jaczynska ACC

Executive Coach and Consultant

About Ella

Ella is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Associate Certified Coach that has been at the senior coalface of a global multinational. She has an in-depth understanding of the complexities, challenges and opportunities that corporate life can bring.


She is also an experienced and accomplished Leadership Development facilitator; particularly focussing on delivering experiential, interactive courses and programmes that have an emphasis on communication, feedback, self-awareness and how/when to use a variety of leadership approaches.


She has always been fascinated with how the mind, brain and body work; initially trained as a neuroscientist gaining her degree in Physiology, and subsequently worked in a large corporation, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for 24 years. At GSK she held several senior positions within R&D up to VP level and managed various sized global teams so has an in-depth understanding of the pressures, challenges and opportunities that corporate life can bring. She worked in several areas including Neurology and Psychiatry prior to working within Corporate Strategy. Her final role at GSK was as Head Performance and Development Coach for the CEO’s Future Strategy Group; where she helped drive development and bring about transformation to individuals in this key talent, corporate leadership development programme.


While in her last few years at GSK she also set up her own Coaching and Leadership Development Business (Krysalis Coaching Ltd).


What she brings as a coach

  1. A combination of business and coaching expertise – A coach and leadership developer that has been at the senior coalface of a global multinational.

  2. Flexibility and Adaptability - 360 Feedback and Psychological assessment tools are very powerful ways to get insights in to an individual. Rather than insist on using a specific tool I am able to adapt and work with the assessment tool the organisation already uses. If needed I can supplement this with an assessment such as ‘Adaptability to Change’.

  3. A belief that the coach and client ‘fit’ is essential – I provide a free 1-hour chemistry session up front to assess if I am the right coach for the client.

  4. Working either with individuals or groups.


The majority of her experience is working with:

  1. Individuals transitioning in to new roles (internally or externally) that requires a fair amount of stretch and change. e.g.:
  • Big transitions including stepping in to succession roles.
  • Recruitment  - with an aim to help select right candidate 'fit‘ for role or rapidly make them ‘fit’.
  • On boarding new senior staff to maximise positive impact of their start with company. Early interaction, even before individual starts in role as this has significant financial, behavioural and emotional positive impact for both parties.
  1. Unlocking Key Talent’s full potential (5-10 yrs in to their careers); Working with individuals or teams.
  2. Individuals determining their next steps in their career.
  3. The launching of a new team or progression/evolution of a leadership team in to a High Performing Team.
  4. Individuals moving forward after a significant life event.


She has coached and trained individuals at various levels of seniority, across multiple different disciplines (e.g. commercial, HR, finance, manufacturing, R&D and corporate). These teams and individuals have come from many different countries ranging from USA, Europe and LatAm, to Singapore and China.


She is an Associate Coach for The Oxford Group and Buzzacott plus is also co-founder and director of Kite Coaching; a group of Coaches and Facilitators who can come together to deliver (and/or design) large programmes.



  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills – Coaching Development.
  • Trained in Essentials of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Coaching Constellations Ltd.
  • Trained Practitioner in ‘Accelerating Delivery and Performance’.



Krysalis Coaching Limited provide a number of different services and packages. These are presented below.


Quotes and Links

"If we want our leaders to be as good as they can be, then we have to use Coaching. Coaching is about giving you an external perspective, challenging you, making sure you are thinking differently and that your developments plan and actions are good as they can be, to make YOU as good as you can be."

Coaching is all about taking a degree of responsibility and finding your own answers for yourself. It is a simple model no matter what the subject is. Where are you, where do you want to be and what is getting in the way, what resources do you need to get there.

The UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel Management reports that 51% of companies (sample of 500) 'consider coaching as a key part of learning development' and 'crucial to their strategy', with 90% reporting that they use coaching.


Harvard Business review – What CEOs really want from Coaching ( www.hbr.org )


What Wikipedia has to say about Coaching ( www.wikipedia.org )


Research results show that internal coaching has a significant impact on clients, direct reports, the coaches themselves and their organization. Factors of note include improved retention, engagement, productivity and performance – all impacting favourably on the bottom line. (Rock & Done (2008) Driving Change With Internal Coaching Programmes, Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 40 Iss 1 and 2)

PROPHET Psychometric tool information - ( www.prophetprofiling.com )

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Do you want to feel less stuck, more fulfilled, more motivated

Business and Executive Coaching

Focused Coaching in order to deliver impact to the individual in their career and business and ensure the changes are sustainable as well as impactful.

Work in partnership to design what is most useful for the client. This can cover multiple areas including personal development, transition in to new roles, leadership development, performance maximisation, or in the bespoke areas designed specifically to your needs and desired outcomes, in order to develop your capabilities and gain confidence in your own abilities and strengths.

Ella is comfortable working with all levels of seniority of individuals within an organisation.  Ella also works through the phone and skype/Webex to provide services to clients outside of the UK.

Ella also provides Team and Group Coaching. Group Coaching for groups of individuals with a common shared theme for change and fulfilling their potential; Team Coaching for teams who want to become a higher performing team, work effectively and efficiently together to achieve their common goals and objectives.


Leadership Development

Ella facilitates Leadership and Talent Development programmes (either in-house programmes or devising what is needed).

She has worked with organisations across healthcare, finance, property development, innovation start-ups and Think Tanks to help their leaders and managers develop in to the best they can be. These programmes have a particular emphasis on communication, feedback, self-awareness and learning to flex your leadership style and approaches.

She very much believes in experiential learning and, therefore ensure much of the workshops have a hands-on, interactive and fun element and aren’t just her teaching the material.

Ella facilitates Leadership Development modules on:

  • Listening
  • Engagement/Motivating
  • Communication styles
  • Leadership approaches, including using a coaching approach.
  • Having Challenging and crucial conversations
  • Giving effective feedback

She can happily facilitate your own material on these topics or create bespoke packages and programmes for you.


PROPHET Psychometric Assessment/profiling

PROPHET’s underlying principles PROPHET is based on the principle that people are likely to be most successful and contribute the most value to a business if:

  • What they are doing really motivates them, so that they put more energy, enthusiasm and commitment into what they do.
  • They are in a role that is creating value for their organisation, even if it is in a relatively small way in a large business.
  • The work they are doing suits the way their brain works. People who tend to be logical and systematic are likely to be more successful in roles that call for a logical and systematic approach, whilst people who are inventive are apt to be more successful in roles that call for creativity.

Designed to fast-track business team performance and help shape strategy implementation, the insight helps leaders and HR professionals to develop high performance in the organisation.  PROPHET is a business-focused profiling tool that helps people understand how they and others work in a commercial context and how they can best work together to bring value to their organisation. The tool examines the preferred roles individuals take across various stages of business and looks at the extent to which people prefer Create activities, or to Design, Operate or Improve. It is built to be very commercial and intuitive, adding significant strategic business insight. The PROPHET schema that the results are mapped against is made up of 16 different business ‘Roles’ that a successful business is likely to need.  PROPHET also helps teams understand how they look as a whole, where their vulnerabilities and needs may be and therefore it helps people and teams understand when it is time to leverage their own preferences and when it is time to leverage preferences of others.

PROPHET helps individuals understand their style of working and its implications for working with others. It also helps teams understand how to get the best from everyone and form the right relationships to enhance performance significantly. Finally, it helps organisations understand the potential of their people to execute business strategy. This can help ensure diverse, robust organisations and teams are created. It can help with recruitment supporting the benefit of this diversity and limit the preference to recruit to type.


Packages On Offer


Standard package - Initial 'free' 1 hour chemistry session to check if Ella is the right coach for the individual. Followed by 2 hour sessions (booking of a minimum of 4 sessions), with each session happening within 3 or 4 weeks of each other. Then followed by individual 1 hour maintenance sessions, as often as needed by the client.

Bespoke Individual Package - Initial 'free' 1 hour chemistry session to check if Ella is the right coach for the individual. Followed by coaching sessions of between 45mins and 2hrs (dependent on client need) at a frequency of between every 2 - 4 weeks. A minimum of 4 sessions.

Annual Individual Package - Annual contract with unlimited sessions within the 12 months.


Facilitation of ½ day, full day or multiple day workshops. Design of specific materials needed for the workshops as well as delivering the clients materials.

PROPHET PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT - Provide access to the Psychometric tool for individuals and/or teams plus a debrief of the report results and how the individuals and/or team can use the results most impactfully.

BESPOKE GROUP SESSIONS - Designed specifically to clients’ needs and can contain mixture of workshops, training on specific leadership development aspects, group coaching sessions and individual team member coaching sessions.


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